PVC Waterstop Bars

PVC Waterstop Bars

We present high quality PVC Waterstop Bars that are made with Geotextile which is a permeable flexible membrane. Geotextile a fabric like continues sheet of woven/non woven material. We have been offering PVC Waterstop Bars to government, infrastructural projects, power plants, refineries, fertilizer plants, civil contractors, and other agencies. We provide only SSNL, IGNP, NTPC, and EIL approved products to the customers.

  • Our present range of manufacturing, (RIBBED Type, DUMBBELL Type and KIKER Type )
  • 150 mm wide X 4-5 mm thick, 150 mm wide X 6 mm thick, 150 mm wide X 8-11 mm thick
  • 225 mm wide X 4-5 mm thick, 225 mm wide X 6 mm thick, 225 mm wide X 8-11 mm thick
  • 305 mm wide X 9-12 mm thick.

Jointing of PVC Waterstops
Waterstops can be welded with a thermostatically controlled heating or blade welder which is able to adjust the heat up to 250oC for melting the PVC Waterstops as following procedure : Cut Water stops ends straight and true using sharp knife or carbide tipped saw blade. Clean and lightly rough up the Waterstops using wire brush. Preheat the blade welder to 250oC then apply on the cut surface of each end. Allow the PVC Waterstops melt down about 4-5 mm. along each cut surface.

l Take off the blade welder from the cut surface and hand press neatly each cut surface of Waterstops together. Then check whether the splice was done properly or not by observing no hole, no distortion and, homogeneous. When the splice cooled, observe it carefully again to make sure proper splice, then the spliced Waterstops are ready are ready to be installed. All center bulb waterstop must be aligned.

Major Applications For PVC Waterstops
  • Cooling Towers, CWS System
  • Dams, canals, water reservoirs and aqueducts
  • Tunnels and culverts
  • Foundations
  • Primary and secondary containment structures
  • Water and waste water treatment facilities