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Gayatri Polymers & Geosynthetics is highly specialized in the manufacturing and import of High Density Polyethylene Pipes, Prefabricated Geocomposite, Geo Net, Geocomposite, Geomembrane, Geobags, Geosynthetic Clay Liners, Plastic Gabion, PVC Waterstop Bars etc. With the assistance of our adroit professionals; we manufacture our products using finest quality raw materials. Finding applications in diverse industries, the bouquet of products offered by us are high in demand. Durability and strength are the chief attributes of products available with us. We are considered as one of the most principal HDPE Geonets Importers from India.


We are proud to reckon as the illustrious Geotextile Importer and amidst the leading Suppliers from India. We offer Non Woven Geotextile and Woven Geotextile that is used in various applications Sub grade Stabilization, Steep slopes, Asphalt Overlay, Embankment, Erosion control filter, Geomembrane Production, Vertical walls and many more.

  • Nonwoven Geotextiles

    Material : Polypropylene

    Thickness : 0.9 Mm To 3.6 Mm

    Color : Fade White

    Maximum Width : 6000 mm

    Application : Reinforcement, Drainage, Separation

  • Woven Geotextiles

    Material : Polyester

    Application : Covering Agriculture Land

    Feature : Premium Quality, Protect From Drainage

    Thickness : 8-12 mm

    Length : 10-60 m

  • Coir Geotextiles
    We offer superb quality Coir Geotextiles that is made from natural fiber and even from eco-frienndly biodegradable that is either woven or non-woven. Used in Sub grade Stabilization, Erosion control filter, Embankment etc, Natural Coir Geotextiles is high in demand.
  • Jute Geotextiles

    Product Type : Jute Geotextiles

    Brand Name : Gayatri Geo

    Feature : Eco-friendly as well as natural fiber.

    Condition : Good

    Place Of Origin : Vadodara,Gujrat


Gabbion are manufacturing from PP rope or PVC Coated G.i wire filled with boulders to construct retaining wall , embankment , shore protection or other similar application.

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  • GI Gabion Wire

    Zinc Coating : 10-15g/m2

    Diameter : 0.5-14mm

    Uses : Telephone, Agriculture, Wire Netting, Barbed Wire, Chainlink, Welding Rods, Fastners etc

    Weight (kg) : 25 kg

    Function : Baling Wire

  • PP Rope Gabion

    Wire Gauge : 2-4mm

    Tensile strength : 380 n/mm

    Surface Treatment : Coated

    Aperture : 1/2 inch

    Application : Industrial, Defence, Agricultural

Other Products

  • PVC Tunnel Waterproofing Membrane

    Material : PVC

    Thickness : 2-16mm

    Application : Tanking And Used In Underground And Construction Tunnel As A Fluid Barrier.

    Feature : Waterproof

    Advantages : Total impermeability, Very high resistance to impact and puncture.

  • Geocomposite

    Material : High Quality Raw Material

    Condition : Good

    Product Type : Geocomposite

    Brand Name : Gayatri Geo

    Usage : Used in various industrials

  • HDPE Geocell

    Product Type : Hdpe Geocell

    Brand Name : Gayatri Geo

    Width : 142 inches

    Place Of Origin : Vadodara,Gujrat

    Condition : Good

  • Geobags

    Material : Finest Quality Woven Or Non-woven PP Or Polyester Yarns.

    Condition : Good

    Application : River Bank Embankment, Soil Erosion Etc.

    Product Type : Geobags

    Brand Name : Gayatri Geo

  • Geo Grids

    Material : P.P Or Polyester Polymers That Are Coated With PVC.

    Condition : Good

    Product Type : Geo Grids

    Brand Name : Gayatri Geo

    Usage : Used in various applications such as steep slopes, soil reinforcement, vertical walls, embankment

  • HDPE Geomembrane Sheet

    Material : HDPE

    Thickness : 0.100 To 0.600 Micron

    Application : Insulation

    Features : HDPE Geomembrane can be left exposed to a extended length of time

    Used For : Solid waste containment (such as landfill liners), mining and water containment applications.

  • LDPE Geomembrane Sheet

    Thickness : 1mm, 4mm

    Color : Black

    Application : For flexible and durable geomembrane applications

    Feature : Adhesive, Odourless

    Width : 7m

  • GCL Bentonite Clay Liner

    Length : 10-30m per roll , etc

    Weight : 4000-6000g/m2

    Width : 1-6m

    Breaking Elongation : 10.6%

    Bentionite Fluid Loss : ≤18ml

  • Geo Net

    Feature : Shear Strength Linking Soil Strata Interfaces.

    Condition : Good

    Function : Drainage

    Product Type : Geo Net

    Brand Name : Gayatri Geo

  • Geomembrane

    Product Type : Geomembrane

    Brand Name : Gayatri Geo

    Material : Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PVC and HDPE.

    Condition : Good

    Place Of Origin : Vadodara,Gujrat

  • Geosynthetic Clay Liners

    Application : Municipal Solid Waste Land Filled

    Product Type : Geosynthetic Clay Liners

    Brand Name : Gayatri Geo

    Primary Function : Infiltration / Hydraulic barrier

    Condition : Good

  • Waterstop Bar
    Geotextile is permeable flexible membrane a fabric like continues sheet of woven / non woven.We are leading manufacturers of PVC Waterstop and are supplying our product to Govt-semiGovt, Infrastructure projects, Power plant, Refineries, Fertilizer plant, Civil contractors and other agencies. Our