Geo Grids

We offer superior quality PP Geogrids that are made using P.P or Polyester polymers that are coated with PVC. The Reinforcement Geogrids offered includes polyester yarns that are available either as bi-axial geogrid or uni-axial geogrid. Used in various applications such as steep slopes, soil reinforcement, vertical walls, embankment, sub grade stabilization, Geogrids are highly demanded by customers. Available in strengths like 40kN/m and 200kN/m, geogrides are also produces in customized strength suiting to requirements. Besides this, they are available in different dimensions like normal width is 3.9m or 4m whereas roll length ranges from 50m or 100m.

Sub grade Stabilization Reinforcement
Soil Reinforcement Reinforcement
Embankment Reinforcement
Steep slopes Reinforcement
Vertical walls Reinforcement