We are proud to reckon as the illustrious Geotextile Importer and amidst the leading Suppliers from India. We offer Non Woven Geotextile and Woven Geotextile that is used in various applications Sub grade Stabilization, Steep slopes, Asphalt Overlay, Embankment, Erosion control filter, Geomembrane Production, Vertical walls and many more. Apart from this, Geotextile also performs functions like separation, drainage, filtration, protection and reinforcement. Also, we provide availability of Woven Geotextile and Non Woven Geotextile at the most competent prices.


Sub grade Stabilization Separation / Filtration
Rail road Tracked Stabilization Drainage / Separation / Filtration
Asphalt Overlay Water Proofing / Stress reliving layer
Embankment Reinforcement
Steep slopes Reinforcement
Vertical walls Reinforcement
Erosion control filter Separation / Filtration
Sub surface Drainage Filter Separation / Filtration
Geomembrane Production Protection / Cushion
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Coir Geotextiles
We offer superb quality Coir Geotextiles that is made from natural fiber and even from eco-frienndly biodegradable that is either woven or non-woven. Used in Sub grade Stabilization, Erosion control filter, Embankment etc, Natural Coir Geotextiles is high in demand. We are reckoned as the foremost Eco-Friendly Coir Geotextiles Supplier from

Jute Geotextiles
We present an incomprehensible range of Woven Jute Geotextiles and Non-Woven Jute Geotextiles that are manufacture from eco-friendly as well as natural fiber. Found in large number of applications such as Embankment, Sub grade Stabilization, Erosion control filter and so on, Jute Geotextiles can be availed at economical prices. We are